Sea Treasure


I have always been an admirer and collector of many pieces of art.  A busy thirty-five years in the teaching profession in New York, Michigan, and Florida didn’t allow me a chance to pursue the arts on an individual basis until after retirement in 2002.  I observed needle demonstrations at an art show and followed through with lessons for a short time. I never thought of myself as a potential artist, but my first juried show produced a first prize as an emerging artist.  I knew then that creating pine needle designs were developing into something more than just a hobby.  I strive to develop innovative designs and blend the aspects of different styles of basketry, objects of nature, and hand spun wool into my pine needle and native grass creations.  Many pieces incorporate agate slices or stones slabs into the bases, sides, and covers of my baskets using no adhesives or epoxy overlays. This allows the true beauty of the agates and fine designs of the pine needles and grass to truly make a statement, creating much more than a basket, but a work of art. I started sewing traditional pine needle baskets, but quickly decided color and patterns were important so I introduced agate slices as a base.  I then found other mineral slabs that are equally beautiful. My present endeavors include unusual mineral masses which challenge the artist and the eye of the beholder. I look forward to task each time I sit down to weave.

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